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I was born in Portsmouth in the UK. Although I painted all through my teens at school under the guidance of my art teacher the Scottish artist Nell Todd and at then Cambridge University where I exhibited at Kings College and Kettles Yard, I actually had a scientific education. After graduation I considered training as an artist at a UK art school but instead decided to go to France where I learnt to draw at the Paris municipal art school in the Place des Vosges and completed my artistic education with the inspiring instruction on artist’s materials from Nicolas Wacker at the École des Beaux Arts. I also worked for two years the critical eye of the lyrical abstract artist Zao-Wou Ki at the École nationale supérieure des Arts Décoratifs. I became a professional artist in 1982 and worked in Paris until 2004 when I moved to Sicily. I now live and work in Palermo.
I have mainly exhibited my work in Paris where I have had 10 solo shows and I have also had solo shows in Rome, Toulouse and Verona. I have also participated in numerous group exhibitions mainly in France. My work features in several public collections including that of Air France Industries, Mairs de Vitry Chatillon etc, and has also been chosen for several book covers including this year (2015) a book of poems Kim Moore entiled “ The Art of Falling” and a Cambridge University Press Textbook “Health and Physical Education.