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Most of the paintings shown here concern the moving human figure and were painted with the help and collaboration of dancers and circus artists in Paris where I lived for 25 years as well as various divers and other people that I have worked with on the coasts of France and Sicily. I now live and work in Palermo, Italy They are organized into 6 galleries. The first gallery shows my recent "fractal" series. Here the background has been broken up in different ways and the figures are falling from or into a broken universe of ordered or chaotic fragments exposing a new or empty space behind The second gallery is my "orbital" series of acrobats, dancers and other moving figures going through circular motions and arranged like hieroglyphs or in other abstract compositions. The third gallery groups together my more traditional diver paintings. Male figures hesitating before they jump and looking at the water below them, or female figures that have jumped and are caught suspended in midair. This is followed by a series of polyptychs in which a whole scene and an underlying narrative have been broken up into separate fragments. Fragments of the body before and after an event - the penetration of water or the paint film by a diver or the caress and burial of the body by wind and sand. The chorus series groups together my paintings on a wide variety of materials such as acrylic fur, toile de Jouy, veil fabrics, etc. The final gallery shows a series of Tyvec banners and studies for the banners. Enjoy your visit and don't hesitate to contact me. Some of the works shown on this site are for sale - please see links on the contact page

Coming exhibition: solo show at Gallerie Rafaello, via Notobartolo 9e, Palermo Italy with opening on Saturday 5th October 2024 (definitive date!)  

For a recent interview about my work (January 2022) see www.riseart.com/artist/119257/nicholas-stedman/news.

(Site last updated on 6 May 2024: Date of solo show changed to 5 October 2024